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- Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press
"The Fantasticks has an almost newborn gleam. A dream. Long may its hand-drawn curtain wave."
- Rob Kendt, Newsday

"Uncorkably joyful, luxuriously laugh-laden and effusively emotional. The Fantasticks is livelier and more energetic than most new shows."
- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"Five decades on, this remains gorgeous work. A trip to The Fantasticks is as much a part of the new york experience as Radio City Music hall or the Circle Line."
- David Barbour,

"It's hard to resist The Fantasticks' vintage charm: unamplified actors, effects like confetti snow and sequined rain, and a sweetly melodic score."
- Melissa Rose Bernardo, Entertainment Weekly

"The Fantasticks is back. New York City's theater universe is whole once more."
- Robert Simonson, Playbill

"Knee-deep in whimsy, fresh as paint in a brand-new Broadway theater."
- The Financial Times

"A 'Fantastick' little musical. If you or your kids have never experienced it, this pleasant production makes for a fine first time."
- Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News

"A show that all but the most hardened souls will love."
- Ellis Nassour, Broadway Stars

"There is not a saccharine or sarcastic note throughout the entire show. May it run another 40 years."
- Lisa del Rosso, Theater Online
"A perfectly pitched, disarmingly sincere performance that captures why The Fantasticks became the enduring favorite it did. The Fantasticks is the last word in theatrical sophistication."
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"The eight-actor musical is as fresh and charming as it always has been, and looks as if it should remain so for the next millennium or two. Try to remember how much you loved The Fantasticks the first time around? Not necessary. It's all here again, right before your astonished eyes. That goes for first-timers, too!"
- David Finkle, Theatermania

"The Fantasticks is a dream come true, a total joy. It will do your heart good to visit a show that may be even better this time around. The musical's need for intimacy is perfectly preserved in the tiny theater, the simplicity of design is magically retained, and the pleasure and felicity of its theme instinctively recaptured. The performers are all as excellent in the art of theatrical pastiche as one would want. The comedy shtick is executed with exemplary know-how and is very funny indeed. And the atmosphere created by the designers is as magical as it is modest."
- Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp

"The Fantasticks is the most child-friendly show currently playing in the new york theater district. It's lively, squeaky-clean and not too long, and anyone old enough to watch a love story is old enough to enjoy it."
- Terry Teachout, Arts Journal

"The long-running musical fable returns, relatively unchanged and still dewy as the dawn. The show hasn't lost its appeal; it feels like a game of make-believe. The Fantasticks is just like the kind of teen-age love it depicts: nectar- sweet, exempt from time, and not nearly as simple as you may remember."
- The New Yorker

"It's easy to dismiss the deceptively fragile charms of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt's chamber musical as quaint relics of a simpler time. But though the musical premiered in 1960, the original record-breaking production ran through January 13, 2002, so the show's themes of young love, disillusionment, and reconciliation clearly strike an empathetic chord for all times. The Fantasticks is back a mere four-and-a-half years after closing, playing in an intimate space that approximates to a remarkable degree the ambience of the late Sullivan Street Playhouse, the show's Greenwich Village birthplace. Songs like "I Can See It," "Soon It's Gonna Rain," and "Much More" register as engagingly as ever."
- Harry Forbes, Backstage

"This is theater history come vibrantly back to life. irresistible. Great performances abound. Jones and Schmidt give a new generation of theatergoers a taste of a bygone, but still much-needed, era of American musical theater. It dawned on me why the performance I attended was packed to capacity: in a world where it's increasingly difficult to find anything to believe in, The Fantasticks reminds us that its sunny outlook is exactly what we all need."
- Michael Criscuolo,

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